Camp Winner!

I am an author. There are days when I forget this, or think I’m not much of one – impostor syndrome is a thing – and I’ve had lots of both for a very long time. However today I can claim the title with enthusiasm for I have won Camp NaNoWriMo.

For those that don’t know, NaNoWriMo is an international writing splurge that happens every November. Writers across the globe get together and try to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Camp is a small, biannual version, taking place in April and July. Camp is much freer in that you can nominate a lower word goal or decide to write a number of pages (great for the script and comic book writers out there) and is therefore much more relaxed.

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Doctor Who – 10×02 – Smile

“Smile” opens on an unnamed planet at the edge of the galaxy in the far future. Outside of the gleaming, perfect city, Kezzia makes her way through a wheat field, followed by a robot. She’s warned, via an implant, not to come back to the city. Which she promptly does. Here she’s greeted by Goodthing, played by Mina Anwar (previously Rani Chandra’s mother Gita in The Sarah Jane Adventures, ) who tells Kezzia she must smile before informing her of many deaths. Kezzia gets upset and two of the robots take hold of her and turn her into bones. Goodthing then meets the same fate.

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All Change

End of 2015 and everything was ticking along nicely. I had my little shop and hubs was working. We had a nice Christmas and looked forward to an okay 2016. And then it all went wrong.

Start of February and hubs was knocked off his motorbike; hit from behind on the approach to a roundabout. Overnight we lost half our income. I had to take several days off, closing my shop, which was already suffering from a post-Christmas lag. By the end of the month it was clear that the business was failing. It closed for good at the end of March. It hadn’t even lasted a year.

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Doctor Who – 10×01 – The Pilot

So after a year without, Doctor Who is back and how. The Pilot started out quiet, with the Doctor meeting Bill Potts – a girl who works in the university’s canteen but who’s been attending his lectures. The first few scenes are chock-full of references: there’s photos of Susan and River, a pot full of sonic screwdrivers, and an odd sculpture under glass that looks suspiciously like the Doctor’s energy as seen in The Name of the Doctor.

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